T2F Evaluation Process

Player is in the beginning stages of the game. Basic understanding of the game and the body.

Player has a general understanding of the game and their body. Novice understanding of skills and tactical play.

Player is now beginning to be skillful in the game. Skillful with and without the ball, tactical, and athletically.

Player is now overlapping all facets of the game and is ready to dynamically train.

Player is playing and training dynamically. Technically, tactically, athletically, psychologically sound.

Players are honing both their technical and tactical abilities according to their position on the field by doing isolated training.

Player is recognized by ODP, NTC or any Regional level program. The player is at a regional level ability in all facets of the game.

Id2, YNT, PDP or any National level program. The player is training at Performance level.

A player that is an active participant at a D1 University or above. The player has mastered all of Full Circle Futbols facets of training and prepared to do professional combines.